Guía de Yoga detallada con todas las técnicas y filosofía.

Yoga Guide

The word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit and means “union” or “yoke,” reflecting its goal of connecting mind, body and spirit. Through various techniques and practices, yoga seeks to cultivate self-awareness, foster inner peace and promote spiritual growth. It is a path of self-knowledge and self-realization that allows us to explore and develop our potential as human beings.

In this guide we will provide you with an overview of yoga and its practices. You will find detailed articles that will allow you to know in depth the concepts or aspects of yoga that interest you the most.

Types of Yoga

Yoga is sometimes called “the pathless path“. There are many forms and styles of yoga, and what works for one person may not be right for another. The idea is that there is no single “right” path in yoga; each person finds their own way to connect and move forward in their practice. Each type of yoga emphasizes different aspects, but the most important thing is that each person discovers his or her own path. Here you will find detailed guides on each type of traditional yoga so you can learn about them in depth and decide which one connects or resonates with you the most

Yoga Practices and Techniques

To achieve the connection of body and mind, yoga offers a wide range of practices focused on physical, mental and spiritual transformation. Each of the techniques has its function and offers different benefits. The task of each one is to find which of these practices are suitable for our individual needs, since, as mentioned above, each person is unique and what works for one may not work for another

Los asanas son posturas o esquemas corporales utilizados en la práctica.


Los mudras son gestos sagrados que se realizan con las manos en la práctica del yoga.


Philosophy and Psychology of Yoga

If you ask someone what yoga is, they will most likely answer something related to doing postures. What most people are unaware of, even those who practice yoga, is that its true transformative power lies in its deeper psychological and spiritual teachings. In these teachings we find everything from ethical principles to the origin of suffering and how to alleviate it. In short, yoga is a philosophy of life whose ultimate goal is to achieve inner peace without forgetting the well-being of others along the way.

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