Filosofía del yoga y sus principios para el desarrollo personal.

Yoga Philosophy

Most people believe that yoga is simply limited to asanas or postures. But yoga is actually a philosophy of life, a path to personal transformation and self-discovery. It is its profound teachings that make this ancient discipline a very powerful tool for reaching our potential as human beings.

Ethical Principles

Any philosophy of life must have ethics and concern for the welfare of others as its basic principle. What is the use of fulfillment if everyone around us suffers and we do nothing to prevent it? That is why the first step in the path of yoga are the yamas or ethical principles.

Individual Discipline

To be well with others it is necessary to be well with ourselves. Within yoga there are a series of principles focused on personal development, cultivating self-discipline and individual well-being. These principles are known as Niyamas and together with the Yamas form the basis of yoga.

Looking at our shadows

On the journey of self-discovery, it is tempting to remain in the light, embracing only our virtues and accomplishments. However, it is in the darkness where the true alchemy of being resides. By facing our shadows – those unacknowledged, repressed or denied aspects of ourselves – we confront our deepest and often painful truths. But in doing so, we give ourselves the opportunity to transform those dark elements into sources of strength and wisdom.

The act of looking at and accepting our shadows allows us to be whole, integrating all facets of our being. In the darkness, as in the light, we find the key to grow and lead a fulfilling life. Self-discovery, after all, is not only seeing what shines, but also illuminating what has been hidden, giving it a space to heal and flourish.

The Way of the Warrior

Yoga is the path of the spiritual warrior, the one who becomes aware that the only battle to fight is against his or her own demons. This is the person who provides the means for inner peace and undertakes a profound journey within because he or she knows that this is where all the secrets of existence are to be found.

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